Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA s.r.o., ID No.: 46 96 98 29, with its registered office at Komenského 951, 664 53 Újezd u Brna (further „our Company“ or „we“), as owner of the website and e-shop, declares that all personal data are strictly confidential and that they are in conformity with effective legal regulations of privacy policy.

We pay attention to data protection because it is priority for us to keep your personal data safe. We would like to inform you how we collect and use your personal data in this document of personal data processing (“further Privacy Policy”).

Privacy Policy applies to:

  • our customers;
  • personnel who is available for our customers;
  • users of our websitek;
  • distributors;
  • suppliers (and potential suppliers);
  • personnel of our suppliers
  • contractors.

Privacy Policy includes:

  • personal data that identify you and that we collect;
  • ways how we use these personal data;
  • legal basis according to which we process them;
  • people we share these personal data with
  • ways how we keep these personal data.

If you would like to know further information in relation to the rights connected to data protection or you would like to apply any of these rights, please contact us by email at at any time.

You confirm that you have read our Privacy Policy by accessing or browsing our website, contacting us on social media, working for us, offering us some goods or services, using any of the goods and services that we have offered you or providing us your personal data in any other way.

1. Personal data processing

We may receive some personal data directly from you. However, we may also receive personal data from third parties such as your employer or employment agency, retailers, media agencies, market research companies, our suppliers, any company of TC Group, public websites, agencies (including booking agencies) and public authorities (including customs offices), which we refer to as “External Sources” throughout this Privacy Policy document.

  1. Personal data you give us (or which we receive from External Sources):

    You, your employer or employment agency may give us personal data about you by completing order forms, opening an account in our company, or by contacting us by phone, e-mail or any other way. This also includes case, when your employer provides us your personal data in order to use our services. You or External Sources may also give us your personal data by offering or providing us services.

    This involves:
    1. Personal data about you:
      • Name, surname;
      • Job position;
      • Company name;
      • E-mail address;
      • Your telephone number;
      • Information about your account;
      • Company address;
      • Data included in correspondence;
      • Updates of data that were provided to us;
      • CCTV footage, if you visit our workplace and subdivisions.

    2. Data about users of our websites and applications:
      • Your IP address (if you visit our websites);
      • Your user name;
      • Your activity on our website (for example web pages you click on ) and applications;
      • Details about orders you made;
      • If you provide us services we monitor their effectiveness and economy.

    3. Data about goods and services we provide you:
      • Data required for providing goods and services to you (including data on account forms, details and history of orders, payment details, requirements and restrictions related to delivery, business references and tax information);
      • Name you give us for personalized goods;
      • Data for customer services;
      • Data for customer relations and marketing.

    4. Data about services and goods we get from you or your employer (including restaurants, breweries, bars, wholesalers and retailers, contacts from media, carriers, storehouses, provider of goods and services for technical support, technicians and other contractors):
      • Your website;
      • CVs and offers from selection procedures;
      • Contact information for job (telephone number, postcode, e-mail address);
      • Address, ID card number;
      • Emergency contact data;
      • Information about accidents on workplace or medical records (relevant for your job position in our company);
      • Working hours (overtime and work shifts, time you have worked and standard working hours of the department);
      • Detail of wage, pay for expenses and bank accounts;
      • Data from drug and alcohol testing and results from medical exams;
      • Information from court processes.

    5. Data from your profile (including your preferences and communication on social media) and data related to our business which you post on message boards in cases you contact us on social media or use them in order to find out information about our goods and services.
    6. Photos and videos from our events in case you visit them (we will inform you about this during the event).

    7. Some of the personal data that we collect about you or which you or third parties provide us (including data about your employer or employment agency) may be considered as a special data. This category of data includes data about your physical and mental health.
      Please note that we need certain types of personal data so we can provide you services or you and external sources can provide services to us. If you do not provide us such personal data or if you ask for their deletion you may no longer be able to have access to our goods and services or provide goods and services to us.

  2. Any time you visit our website we may automatically collect any of the following data:
    • Technical data, IP address, name of the domain and the country which requests data, requested data, type and version of browser, type and version of browser additions, operating system and platform;
    • Information about your visit, including the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) web page that are connected to our website (including date and time), information about the time you spend on certain pages, page interaction data (such as scrolling, clicks, and mouse-overs), ways used to browse away from the page, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data and data provided when requesting further services or downloads.
  3. If you contact us on social media, we will collect certain data about you from your social media pages and your interactions with us or with information about our products and services.
  4. If you are a journalist or if you are working for an institution/trade association in our field, we may collect data about you from public sources.
  5. If you are a customer or a supplier (or a potential customer or supplier) or if you work for one of them (also as a consultant), we may collect data about you from your company’s website.
  6. If you are working for us or if you are visiting one of our workplaces (including subsidiaries) we may also collect personal data about you from CCTV.

2. Use of personal data

Our company (or external sources acting on our behalf) process personal data mentioned above for the following reasons:

  1. If you visit our web pages or if you are a consumer using one of our applications:
    1. to allow you an access and use of our web pages or applications;
    2. to process your order of our goods and services;
    3. to provide you information and services that you expect from us;
    4. to provide technical support;
    5. to ensure security of our services, our web pages and our applications;
    6. to keep information related to you preferences and to adjust our web pages (or applications) to your interests;
    7. to recognize that you visit our web pages more than once;
    8. to allow you to participate in our competitions and promotions;
    9. to improve and update our web pages (or applications) and to prepare reports and statistics related to improvements of our goods and services. Such details will be anonymous as far as it is reasonably possible and you will not be identifiable from the data collected.
  2. If we get goods and services from you:
    1. to enable us to receive and manage services from you;
    2. to keep the evidence about the state of health and safety;
    3. to evaluate your working capacity;
    4. to confirm information on CVs and performance reference checks, to assess your or your employer’s suitability for work in our company.
  3. If we are providing goods and services to you:
    1. to provide you and your employer relevant goods or services (including confirmation and processing of orders, for administration of your account, taxes and exports, invoicing and debt collection purposes);
    2. to deal with any enquiries or issues related to our goods and services, including any questions you may have about how we process your personal data, or any requests made by you for a copy of the processed data. In case we do not have a contract with you, we may process your personal data for the purposes that are in our legitimate interests for customer services;
    3. to send you certain reports (including e-mails or postal items) about our goods and services such as service announcements and administrative messages (for example changes in our terms and conditions);
    4. to allow you to attend our events or participate in competitions, or to send you photos of you that you have permitted us to take;
    5. to ensure safety of health, security and control of the quality;
    6. to carry out statistical analysis and market research;
    7. If you give consent to us or otherwise, if it is in our legitimate interests, for business development and marketing purposes, to contact you (including e-mails or postal items) with information about our products and services which either you request or we think that you might be interested in (including newsletters), but only if you give consent to us.
  4. For internal corporate purposes and business administration, for ensuring adequate insurance for our company, for ensuring the security of company facilities, for research and development and to identify and implement effectiveness of our company.
  5. To comply with any methods, laws and regulations which apply to us – this may include cases where we reasonably consider that it is in our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of others, as well as any cases where we are legally required to do so.
  6. To establish, perform or defend our legal rights – this may include cases where we reasonably consider that it is in our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of others, as well as the cases where we are legally required to do so.
  7. For camera monitoring and ensuring the security of our staff and visitors and our or their property in cases you visit one of our workplaces (including subsidiaries).
  8. To monitor your interactions with us in cases you contact us on social media and in cases where it is in our legitimate interests, or for market research and in cases when you give consent to us.
  9. If we use your photo or video footage from an event, for purposes of sharing information about our events to public and for internal presentations, or in cases where it is in our legitimate interests, for marketing and business development purposes or when you give consent to us.
  10. If you are a journalist and if it is in our legitimate interests to contact you in order to ask you to write a news article about our products and services; to invite you to events, send you promotional materials and for giving you press.

3. Legal basis (reasons) of using your personal data

  1. Legal basis (reasons) of processing your personal data described in this Privacy Policy document is following:
    1. Processing of your personal data by our company is necessary for performance of our obligations follow from any contract with you (for example to process an order, to abide by the conditions of using our website or applications which you accept by browsing our website or by downloading our software application and/or to abide by the contract of providing services or to get services from you or your employer);
    2. Processing of your personal data by our company is necessary for performance of our legal obligations (for example, providing information to tax office);
    3. Processing of your personal data by our company is necessary for our legitimate interests or for legitimate interests of other people (for example to ensure the security of our website or mobile applications). In our opinion our legitimate interests are following:
      • realization, dissemination and development of our business;
      • providing our website or mobile applications;
      • choosing qualified suppliers with required abilities and experiences;
      • ensuring safe workplace for our employees and visitors;
      • marketing, market research and development of our business;
      • providing quality goods and services to our customers and to know our customers;
      • placing an orders with our suppliers and controlling them.

  2. We may use special categories of your personal data if you give consent to us (which you may withdraw at any time, as it is described below in this privacy policy document).
  3. Other use of your personal data may be subject of giving your consent to us in the future (you may withdraw it at any time, as it is described below in this privacy policy document). In this case, it will be necessary to give your consent to us identified in this privacy policy document.
  4. If you decide to withdraw consent you gave us, you can do it by contacting us at for free. However, if you withdraw your consent, it may have impact on the ability of us to provide you services.

4. Use of cookies

  1. What are the cookies? Cookies are small files that browser place on hard disk of your computer while visiting some web page. Cookies have different functions and they are useful for higher comfort of browsing.
  2. What types of cookies are used by We use cookies for these purposes: to gather information about how you’re browsing on our website, to find out what web pages you visit the most and to make your visit easier. Also we use them for statistical analysis and for saving data of your shopping cart on our web page. Cookies also make the ads more relevant on other websites.
  3. Session cookies: Session cookies are temporary cookie files, which are erased when you close your browser. These cookies need user for browsing on our website and using all its functions. There is a possibility of browsing our website without using cookie files but in this case the function of our website will be limited.
  4. Permanent cookies: These cookies remember information you put into forms, for example your login details and password so you do not have to type them every time you use the website.
  5. Third-party cookies: We gather information about the ways how users browse on our website with help of Google Analytics cookies. You cannot be identified according to these cookie files. Information we gather: what part of website you have visited, how long you spent on our website or whether there were some errors. You support development of our websites with this information.
  6. How can I manage or block cookies? Please note, that using cookies help browsing on our website and if you block them the function of our website will be limited. We recommend you not to block cookie files in your browser. However, if you want to cancel placing cookies on hard disk of your computer you should change the settings of your internet browser. You click on settings of your internet browser, then you click on privacy settings and there you find cookies settings. You can also find there what type of cookies you have in your computer, you can change the setting or delete them. You find more details in Help section of any internet browser. If you do not want to allow us access to information from your cookies you should not use our website or you should use right settings of your internet browser.

5. Sharing your personal data

  1. We will share your personal data with the following categories of third parties:
    1. our providers of services and subcontractors, including processors of payments, suppliers of technical services and support, insurers, providers of logistics and cloud services;
    2. your employer or employment agency;
    3. retailers and wholesalers you are the customer of them;
    4. public institutions (including custom officers);
    5. contracting doctors and medics who are testing drugs and alcohol;
    6. companies that help us with marketing, advertisement and promotion;
    7. providers of analytic and search modules that help us to improve and optimize our website and software applications.

  2. Possibility of using your personal data by any of the third parties we share them with, for different purposes as providing services to us are limited (by law and by contract). We always ensure that any of the third parties with whom we share your personal data will abide by the conditions of privacy policy and applicable laws.

  3. We will also share your personal data with third parties:
    1. In cases it is in our legitimate interest to do so, to run, to grow and to develop our business;
    2. In cases it is our duty to share your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligations, any lawful requests from government or police and to perform laws from other states related to security or prevention from illegal activities;
    3. In order to enforce or apply our terms and conditions, or to respond to any claims, to protect our rights or the rights of a third party, to protect the safety of any person or to prevent any illegal activity;
    4. To protect the rights, property, or safety of the Company, of our employees, customers or other people. This may include exchange of personal data with other organizations for the purposes of safety from misappropriation and credit risk reduction.
  4. We may also share and use anonymous reports and statistics about users of our website and applications or our goods and services and from interactions with us and our brands on social media for the purpose of internal reports or reports for our group or for third parties and for our marketing and promotion purposes. None of these anonymous reports or statistics will identify our users.
  5. We will never share, sell or rent your personal data to any of the third parties unless it is mentioned before or before we inform you and get consent from you to do so. In case you give your consent to us to use your personal data, but later you change your decision you should contact us and we will stop use them.

6. Keeping your personal data

We keep your personal data for no longer than necessary, for the purposes for which the personal data is processed. Time, we keep your personal data, depends on the purposes for which we collect and use it. Or it depends on a biding by the applicable laws or to establish, use or defend our legal rights.

7. Your rights

  1. You have certain rights in relation to your personal data. If you would like to know more information about these rights or you would like to apply any of them, please contact us by e-mail at
  2. You have rights to request from us following things:
    1. provide access to your personal data we keep about you;
    2. update any of your personal data if it is out of date or incorrect;
    3. delete any of the personal data which we keep about you;
    4. restrict the way that we process your personal data;
    5. prevent to process any of your personal data for direct-marketing purposes;
    6. share, or not to share your personal data with external providers of services;
    7. give you a copy of any of the personal data which we keep about you;
    8. consider any valid objections which you have to our use of your personal data.
  3. We will consider such requests and provide our response within a reasonable period. Please note that certain personal data may be out of the question from such requests according to certain circumstances.
  4. We will inform you about any exceptions that may appear related to your request. We may require from you to prove your identity before we consider your requests.

8. Marketing

  1. We may collect and use your personal data for marketing via e-mails, applications, phone calls or postal items.
  2. We may send you certain marketing information (including electronic marketing communication for existing customers) if it is in our legitimate interest or if it is for marketing and business development purposes.
  3. We will ask you to give your consent to us any time we want to share your personal data with third party or if it is required from law.
  4. If you wish to stop receiving marketing information from us, you can contact us by email at

9. Personal data transfer

  1. Personal data you give us by registration on our website may be used, saved or shared with employers of IT department from Hungarian company THERMOTECHNIKA-CROWN COOL KFT., a member of TC Group. They may use it for administration of common website of TC Group.
  2. If we share your personal data with any of the members of TC Group we will ensure that receiver will treat with your personal data in conformity with privacy policy document.
  3. You will find out more details about ways how we protect your personal data by contacting us at

10. Security

  1. Our company is committed to protect personal data from loss, misuse, publishing, alteration, unauthorized access, unavailability and destruction. We take all necessary steps to protect your personal data, including all technical steps. Steps of our organization include control of access to our company, training of our employees and stocking all material into filing rooms. Technical measures include use of passwords for access to our systems and use of anti-virus software.
  2. Your personal data may be transferred over the internet while you are providing them to us. Although we make every effort to protect the personal data which you provide to us, the transmission of information over the internet is not completely secure. As such, please note and accept that we cannot guarantee the safety of your personal data transmitted to our website and that such transmission is at your own risk. Once we have received your personal data, we will use strict steps and security features to prevent from unauthorized access.
  3. You are responsible for keeping your password which we have given to you (or you have chosen) safe. Please, do not share this password with anyone.

11. Third parties website

Our website, mobile application and social media pages may, from time to time, contain links to website operated by third parties, including partner and our TC Group networks. Please note that this privacy policy only applies on the personal data that we collect from our website, applications and social media pages or which we receive from External Sources. We are not responsible for personal data about you that is collected and stored by third parties. Third party website has their own terms, conditions and privacy policies and you should read these carefully before you submit any personal data to this website. We do not endorse or otherwise accept any responsibility or liability for the content of such third party website or third party terms and conditions or policies.

12. Changes of our privacy policy

We may update our privacy policy from time to time. Any changes we make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page and if necessary, we will inform you via email. Please check this page to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy. You confirm that you have read and you understand the latest version of our privacy policy by using our services and website or to offer and provide us services.

13. Further questions or complaints

  1. If you have any questions or complaints about collection, use and storage of your personal data, or if you wish to use any of your rights related to your personal data, please contact us by e-mail at We will consider any of your complaints related to use and sharing your personal data and we will try to solve them.
  2. You may also make a complaint to the local authority considering personal data in the European Union country where our company is located at or where we process personal data that relates to offering goods or service to you in the European Union. If you are not sure about the right authority you should contact, please contact us via email at You may contact local courts in case you think that your rights were broken.

Methods described in this privacy policy document are current terms of Privacy Policy as of 25th May 2018.

Újezd u Brna, 25th May 2018

Please read also our Terms of the processing personal data of individuals in company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA s.r.o. within supplier-customer relations.


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