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The company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA Ltd. possesses a wide network of subsidiary stations
to provide you complete services all over the Czech Republic.

Our service technicians carry out repairing dispense equipment, guarantee and post-guarantee service, regular sanitary work
as well as they provide the running of promo actions (mounting, demounting, emergency service).

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C-1 TS/Z 60/GR TOSTI | Heated display counter

C-1 TS/Z 60/GR TOSTI | Heated display counter

The hot pastry counter is equipped with 3 rows of adjustable shelves: glass or stainless steel. Double glass sides with silver serigraphy.
Tempered curved / straight glass.

Colour of the pastry counter is available in the given RAL colours. The colour list is among the pictures.

The price is not included the wooden front panel in standard colors!

Product details:

  • External dimensions:
  • Exposition part: 0,8 m²
  • Temperature range: (+25°C, 60% Rh) +40 ... +90 °C
  • Weight: 120 kg


Selected products


JU| Painting in optional RAL colors 1 m
Net price 3 300,- CZK
Gross price3 993,- CZK

JU | Wheels
Net price 2 100,- CZK
Gross price2 541,- CZK

JU | Wooden front panel in standard colors 1 m
Net price 1 500,- CZK
Gross price1 815,- CZK



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