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TF03MIDBT - Deep-freezer worktable GN 1/1

TF03MIDBT - Deep-freezer worktable GN 1/1

Inside and outside made of Stainless Steel, except for the external bottom made of Galvanized Steel. Internal rounded corners. Insulation in CFC free polyurethane  high pressure injected. Insulation thickness NT counters: 40 mm. Insulation thickness LT counters: 60 mm. Self-closing doors with magnetic gaskets. Electronic  front control panel with NTC probe. Ventilated cooling. Tropicalized and extractable “monoblock type” condensing unit (ambient temperature +43°C and relative humidity of 65%) with gas R404A/R507. Refrigerated NT and LT counters designed also for remote condensing unit. Completely automatic defrosting and condense water evaporation. Adjustable Stainless Steel feet (110/190 H mm).

Product details:

  • External dimensions: 1870 x 715 x 850/920 mm
  • Power: 700 W
  • Refrigeration range: (+43°C, 65% Rh) -18 ... -22 °C
  • Volume: 460 liter
  • Refrigerant: environmentally friendly
  • Weight: 122 kg
In stock Freezer worktables > Cooled inox worktables > Cooling technology

Net price 69 100,- CZK

Gross price 83 611,- CZK


TFMIDBT - 1/3+2/3 drawer
Net price 13 100,- CZK
Gross price15 851,- CZK

TFMIDBT - 2x 1/2 drawer
Net price 13 100,- CZK
Gross price15 851,- CZK

TFMIDBT - 3x 1/3 drawer
Net price 15 300,- CZK
Gross price18 513,- CZK

TFMIDBT - Set of castors 2 with brake, 2 without brake
Net price 3 900,- CZK
Gross price4 719,- CZK



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