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TC Solid door chamber

TC Solid door chamber

Our standard solid-door chambers are recommended for products with a temperature demand of 0 to 10 ° C. Our chambers can be used to store different vegetables, fruits in bulk density or containers, keeping the dairy farms and meat products at the right temperature. They can also be used as technological refrigerants or for storing chemicals.

Thanks to the unique production, our chambers always have up-to-date, professional, continuous monitoring technology, taking into account the best price/value ratio. Super-efficient panel construction, high degree of automation and intelligent solutions support the energy efficiency and fast return of the chambers.

Optional combined cooling chambers: thanks to a unique design, combined refrigeration chambers can also be built. Our combined chambers have separate internal temperature zones. This kind of chamber is perfectly suited for storage of products with various refrigeration demand.

Technical parameters:

Required thickness PUR/PIR panel structure, thermal bridge joints

It is also possible to bridge low spans and larger spans.

Easy to clean: no sharp corners, so it is easy to clean.

Energy efficient interior LED lighting

Special cooler lock mechanism, panic button.

The inner and outer armor of the roof panel are flat, lacquered, RAL white (RAL9010)

The picture is an illustration. For detailed technical information, please contact our colleague.

Product details:

In stock Solid door chambers > Refrigerated and freezer chambers

For more information please contact us by e-mail at obchod@tcbohemia.com or by phone at +420 544 229 478.



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