We provide service of dispensing and cooling equipment throughout the Czech Republic.

The company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA Ltd. possesses a wide network of subsidiary stations
to provide you complete services all over the Czech Republic.

Our service technicians carry out repairing dispense equipment, guarantee and post-guarantee service, regular sanitary work
as well as they provide the running of promo actions (mounting, demounting, emergency service).

Find the service branch closest to you.



free delivery

Delivery of the device

Prices mentioned on this website are without transport cost. You can pick all the assortment up at our central office in Újezd u Brna. When transporting to the customer's addresses, we cooperate with external transport companies. Prices of transport depend on the current price list of given transport company. To know the exact amount of quoted price, do not hesitate to contact us with the demand on obchod@tcbohemia.com


Shopping terms

Not only the sale of our own products is the goal of our company. Due to the fact that we are trying to offer and supply a complete range of kitchen equipment, refrigeration units and other equipment for all possible customer groups, we offer you around 670 products from other manufacturers. Thanks to a wide range of products and professional advice, it is our best to find the most suitable alternative for anyone and for our business partners.


Standard warranty

The Warranty conditions are to be found in our General Terms and Condition. The operating conditions or conditions of eventual repairs of the goods can be found in the Instruction manuals and Warranty booklet which are enclosed to the products. Warranty claims can only be enforced, if the customer presents the invoice.

The buyer acquires the ownership to the product right upon payment of the full purchase price, until that the buyer cannot sell the product to third person and is responsible for the overall security of the equipment.



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