We provide service of dispensing and cooling equipment throughout the Czech Republic.

The company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA Ltd. possesses a wide network of subsidiary stations
to provide you complete services all over the Czech Republic.

Our service technicians carry out repairing dispense equipment, guarantee and post-guarantee service, regular sanitary work
as well as they provide the running of promo actions (mounting, demounting, emergency service).

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The company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market as a supplier of beer dispensing equipment since 1992. The current face of the company is the result of many years of development and growth. In 1995, the company expanded its supply of gastronomic equipment and in 2004 it also became a supplier of quality Italian coffee Pascucci including accessories. The customer satisfaction is the most important aim for us.

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Not only the sale of our own products is the goal of our company. Due to the fact that we are trying to offer and supply a complete range of gastro equipment, refrigeration units and other equipment for all possible customer groups, we offer you around 670 products from other manufacturers. We mention, above all, Micro Matic, whose sole distributor in the Czech Republic is Thermotechnika Bohemia. We are then able to offer you a complete assortment of dispensing heads, reducing valves and other equipment needed for dispensing beer or wine. With a wide range of products and professional advice, it is our best to find the most suitable alternative for any interested or business partner. The seat of the Czech part of the TC Group is located in Újezd u Brna. Here you can also find a showroom where you can view and, if necessary, buy the required products.

Here you can find the terms and conditions of our company.

Shopping terms


Beer coolers

 The main activities of the company are service, production and sale of beer coolers and accessories. We cooperate with major suppliers, including Dunet, John Guest, Micro Matic, Tubing Food and others. The company THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA s.r.o. is representative of the Dutch company Gamko (manufacturer of cooling technology) for the Czech Republic. Ditl Metal KEG coolers are manufactured under license in Nové Zámky in Slovakia.

In 1997, the company started supplying coolers and dispensing technology to other European countries. Due to the increasing demand and sale of dispensing equipment to Russia, the Russian-Czech company Bohemia Line, based in Moscow, was founded in 2000. Through this company, effective sales of products in this area are ensured.


Kitchen catering equipment

No less important activity of the company is the sale of gastronomic equipment.

The largest buyers of catering appliences are large kitchens of secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens, restaurants and other catering establishments. Major manufacturers and our suppliers include Elekthermax, Gamko, Gastrohaal, GS Technik, Bemeta and others.  


Cooling technology

A large part of our supply consists of imported refrigerators. They are mainly refrigerators with glass door, stainless steel coolers, freezers and cooling boxes of different volumes. The products of our production are oriented to meet the needs of the domestic clients and the requirements of the given market. In our factories, besides the production of bar refrigerators, we have developed special cooling devices - milk coolers, blood and plasma refrigerators.

In our assortment you can find a number of appliences that are necessary for the operation of restaurants, bars, shops, buffets, etc. All products have certificates complying with HACCP conditions and ISO quality.



Prices mentioned on this website are without transport cost. You can pick all the assortment up at our central office in Újezd u Brna. When transporting to the customer's addresses, we cooperate with external transport companies. Prices of transport depend on the current price list of given transport company.

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Service & maintenance


THERMOTECHNIKA BOHEMIA s.r.o. except the sale of quality products also offer montage and service, which is provided by qualified technicians throughout the Czech Republic. The service network is made up of the company's internal staff and several cooperating service companies.

More information about service can be found here.

TC Bohemia

Czech Republic


Komenského 951, Újezd u Brna
Czech  Republic
Tel.: (+420) 544 224 326,
(+420) 544 229 478

TC Hungary


Members of the TC group

Thermotechnika – Crown Cool Kft.

H-2800 Tatabánya, Csarnok u. 17.
Postacím: 1475 Budapest, Pf.: 139.
Tel.:(+36-34) 324-868
Fax: (+36-34) 324-075

TC Romania


Crown Cool SRL

Toplita St. 155
Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita
Tel.: (+40) 366 101 550
Fax: (+40) 366 101 551

TC Slovakia


Thermotechnika Crown Cool, s.r.o

941 31 Dvory nad Žitavou, Krajná 2620
Tel.: +421 911 277 482
+421 917 760 743

TC Serbia


Crown Cool d.o.o.

23325 Padej    
Miloša Obilića 1a (Serbia)    
Tel.: (+381) 63 1030 073    
Fax: (+381) 63 1090 050    

TC Croatia


Crown Cool d.o.o.

Kralja Petra Svačića 130,
31 300 Beli Manastir
Tel.: (+385) 31 700 690
Fax:  (+385) 31 704 044



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